Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pearls Before Swine

It may seem like a good idea to tell a lot of people about your abduction.  After all, it was a life changing event, it can explain away a lot of weird things about you, and it's probably the best story you have to tell people at a party.

But let's face it.  Not everyone is ready to hear about your close encounter of the fourth kind.

Here's the deal. Some people who have never been paralyzed from the waist down while wires were surgically inserted into their chest and head will never understand.  It's kinda like when I tell Judeeen about how I woke up with the perfect Barbarella hair without even having to run a comb through it.  She's not gonna get it, especially when she's just spent two and a half hours under her Vintage Dazey Natural Wonder Hair Dryer and is still having a bad hair day.

You gotta know your audience.

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