Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas, Chalk Fans!

For Christmas this year we got all y'all something extra special. No, it's not Trailer Park Bark for each and every one of you. The kitchenette on our bus only has but that one bunsen burner stove top. To crank out that kind of volume would involve hooking up the kerosene stove and that cease and desist order is still in effect from the unfortunate "exploding turkey incident" from last holiday season.

Our extra special gift to you is The Chalks - Very Special Show, available now on for your viewing pleasure from the comfort of your home, office cubical, or wifi enabled coffee shop.

As we write this, we are on our way to the sweat lodge deep in the woods where we will be in seclusion as we write our life story set to music. So, we leave you with a little piece of The Chalks to enjoy until we see y'all again. Go on and slice yourself a big ol' piece of Resurrection Cake or maybe fix yourself a nice potato chip sandwich and click on over to and watch the show.


With Country Love,
Judeen, Judelle & Belva

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All We Want For Christmas

It's hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. We've barely finished off the last of the candy corn and already it's time start rehearsing our holiday favorite, Christmas Time O Raise Yer Voice And Sing / A Chalky Magi.

Belva already knows just what she wants this year - a bra gas mask. You know - it's that new bra that is also a gas mask. In pink, please. Judelle would like the same as last year - blank prescription pads. Me, I just want world peace. But seeing as that is on backorder, my next wish would be for y'all to come out to see our last big show of 2009.

It's your last chance to see us live before we go into seclusion in the woods to finish writing our life story set to music. Better get your Chalk fix in while you can. Plus I'm pretty sure that Trailer Park Bark is on your holiday list. It's settled then - see you at the show!


Saturday, October 3, 2009


When the leaves begin to turn and huntin' rifles come off the rack for cleaning, we look forward to the start our favorite season of all - eatin' season. From the first candy corn of pre-Halloween to the last beignets of Fat Tuesday, and all the dump cakes and piggy roll-ups in between we just love this time of year. And judging from the many bacon weaves and jello salads that you fans have sent us in eatin' seasons past, this is not news to you.

But seeing as neither raw bacon nor jello holds up too well in the mail, we thought maybe this year we'd give you all a new way to share your affection and celebrate the season with us. That's why we've christened this entire month CHALKTOBERFEST! We invite all y'all to post a favorite Chalk memory. Declare to your fellow fans what brought you over to he Chalky side. Testify to a life-altering experience thanks to the Chalks.

We love you for lovin' us, so we've cordoned off the comment section right below just for you, the fans. We promise we'll read your posts while enjoying a peanut butter pork cookie or two. Now get to sharing the love and Happy Chalktoberfest everybody!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Country Music News Flash:

The upcoming live Broadway musical play version of the classic film Pure Country will star country singers Joe Nichols in the George Strait/Dusty Chandler role and Lorrie Morgan in the Lesley Ann Warren/red leather mini skirt wearin' manager part. No word yet as to which Chalk would be playing the Isabel Glasser/George-Dusty love interest part. Rumors are swirling that they will rotate in the role like those little boys do in Billy Elliot. Smells like a Tony Award!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The last autograph has been signed. The last photo has been taken. Belva has peeled herself off that old boyfriend who turned up unexpectedly. We are back on the bus and on the road after our big, big show at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC. As we roll through the Abraham Lincoln Tunnel on our way to tomorrow night's show in Black Lung, KY I am reflecting on what an awesome responsibility it is to be The Chalks.

In these dark and difficult days as folks search for a glimmer of hope in their plain-old, regular-old lives, it is our duty as performers-singers-entertainers to inspire and uplift. Well, tonight we did just that by sharing some political insights so folks can know how to think about the issues, by teaching folks how to make butter so that they can do for themselves, and by bringing them a world premiere of a new song so that they can brag to their friends that they were among the first to hear The Chalks' newest hit.

So as Judelle settles into her bunk to to watch a marathon running of "Intervention", Belva updates her Facebook profile photo yet again and I have a heaping spoonful of marshmallow Fluff to stave of a hypoglycemic episode, I think we can think back on tonight's show and say, "You're welcome".

Friday, February 27, 2009

Even though we could never actually park the bus and participate in the inauguration up close (on account of some NYPD Canine Unit vehicles swiping our spot) we still got hit upside the the head with all that inspiration. So look out! The Chalks have some brand new, #1 hit songs coming your way. Make it your business to get out and see us live, so you can say you were there for The Chalks world premiere of "Get Your Prayer On".