Friday, March 6, 2009

The last autograph has been signed. The last photo has been taken. Belva has peeled herself off that old boyfriend who turned up unexpectedly. We are back on the bus and on the road after our big, big show at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in NYC. As we roll through the Abraham Lincoln Tunnel on our way to tomorrow night's show in Black Lung, KY I am reflecting on what an awesome responsibility it is to be The Chalks.

In these dark and difficult days as folks search for a glimmer of hope in their plain-old, regular-old lives, it is our duty as performers-singers-entertainers to inspire and uplift. Well, tonight we did just that by sharing some political insights so folks can know how to think about the issues, by teaching folks how to make butter so that they can do for themselves, and by bringing them a world premiere of a new song so that they can brag to their friends that they were among the first to hear The Chalks' newest hit.

So as Judelle settles into her bunk to to watch a marathon running of "Intervention", Belva updates her Facebook profile photo yet again and I have a heaping spoonful of marshmallow Fluff to stave of a hypoglycemic episode, I think we can think back on tonight's show and say, "You're welcome".