Monday, January 10, 2011

Judeen Rebukes Country Strong

I am sorry, but the answer is "no". No matter how much y'all wish that I would post a review of the new movie Country Strong, I cannot and will not. It is common knowledge that I have foresworn gossip, so I will not speak of the blood feud between The Chalks a certain cast member. He knows what he did and when he's ready to make a sincere apology maybe then will we return his autographed Tug McGraw baseball jersey.

And we are still waiting for our screen credit. After all, he is wearing one of our signature wiglets - the Narvel Blackstock '92! (not to be confused with the Mike Ditka '08 wiglet he sported for The Blind Side.)

So until He Who Shall Not Be Named makes amends - no review. I mean it . I may have foresworn gossip, but not grudge-holding. Just ask Belva. I haven't spoken to her since Thanksgiving!


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